How to AI-Upscale Your Video Collection

Do you have a bunch of low-res and poorly encoded video files saved somewhere? I certainly do. Wouldn’t it be great to make use of your GPU and upscale them with AI?

Well, that’s what I thought, and I even went ahead and upscaled some of them with existing tools such

The main advantage is that on our service is more than 5 times faster than other services! Your mileage (and video files) may vary of course.

Here are a couple of results.

If you’re looking at the above examples on a small screen, the quality might not look very obvious. But on a TV or a monitor full-screened, the difference is night and day.

All the original compression artifacts are gone as well. The resulting images are much cleaner. Pay particular attention to the fruit and the furniture.

With the ~1 hour video I mentioned before, it took me around 45 mins

Hope you enjoyed it. Now go ahead and upscale all the old low-res video you have lying around!

Any questions? Let me know.

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